Safety First! Information affecting the St.George Campus.

Emergency Phones

The University of Toronto Campus Community Police, committed to the safety and security of all students, faculty and staff members at the University, monitor and maintain over 120 Emergency call stations located at several points on the campus grounds, buildings & underground parking lots. These emergency call stations ring directly to the Campus Community Police dispatch centre and are given the highest priority by the dispatcher. The emergency call stations provide two way communication between the caller and the dispatcher. Information on the location of the emergency call station is displayed to the dispatcher to enable quick response even if the caller is unable to speak to the dispatcher.

The University of Toronto Campus Community Police have also made arrangements with Bell Canada to provide free Emergency calls from any campus Bell Canada phone. Simply dial 416-978-2222 and you will be connected with a Campus Community Police dispatcher in the same manner as using one of the emergency call stations.

Campus Community Police also offer all members of the University the ability to register their office phones with our Telephone Emergency Locations System (TELS). This service allows the dispatcher the ability to know the exact location of an emergency call placed from a campus office. If you would like to register your phone in the TELS system, please contact the Campus Community Police at 416-978-2222.

Shown below are three common types of emergency phones what are located throughout the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto.

Please click on the link below for a map of Emergency phones around our Campus.

Emergency Phone Map - St. George Campus

Code Blue Emergency Phone Bell Pay Phone Emergency Call Station